USMLE can be a difficult process but we are here to hold your hands and guide you through.

USMLE Tutoring

We offer USMLE STEP 1, STEP 2CK, virtual CS and STEP 3 tutoring, both one on one and group sessions are available. Development of study schedules and USMLE strategy and roadmap planning. Our USMLE tutoring packages offer tremendous value for their price.

USMLE Application Preparation

We offer assistance with the USMLE application process, including personal statement review, editing and selection of Residency Programs during the NRMP Match process.

Interview Preparation

Allow our expert doctors to prepare you for your residency interview. Learn how to be memorable and to stand out from the thousands of applicants. We offer one on one interview preparation, as well as panel type mock interviews. We even have access to a clinical psychologist if your nervousness gets the best of you.

Learn to answer the most common questions like a professional and do not get caught with your pants down to questions such as: Tell me about yourself? Where do you see yourself in five years? Why did you choose this residency program? What makes you exceptional? Why should we hire you? If you were an animal what would you be? Medical questions and many more.

Healthy Waves is the best USMLE preparation service out there. The team ACTUALLY Cares about my success in USMLE, from the one on one expert tutoring we did each week, to the STEP 2 Clinical Skills prep it was superb!! Finally, the assistance that was given to me during the ERAS Matching season was priceless. Dr. Drew helped me greatly, with reviewing my personal statement and also with the interview preparation. I paid for one session and ended up receiving an extra 2 hours session because they cared about my success rather than money. From spending extra time with me fixing the weaknesses and closing the Gaps in my application. Ensuring that I MATCHED!!!! I highly recommend Healthy Waves USMLE the American Dream!!

Dr. Emily, MD.

”I was new to the residency interview process and the Healthy Waves team gave me personalized interview preparation, which was excellent!! This preparation assisted me in developing a life skill of communication. In addition, I love the unique approach taken during the interview preparation. Instead of telling me things to say verbatim, I was taught how to formulate unique answers specific to my CV and ERAS application.”

Dr. K. Smith, MBBS

Let us walk the USMLE Journey together.

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